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Replacement Roofs

Performance Glass Replacement Roof

Replacing your conservatory roof with the latest glazing technology will ensure your conservatory is usable and comfortable all year round.

EVOlution4 Replacement Roof

Replacing the roof with an EVOlution4 transforms your conservatory into a warm, bright room with a plastered ceiling and stunning shaped glazing to provide light where you need it.

UltraRoof Replacement Roof

An UltraRoof tiled roof transforms your conservatory with a lightweight tiled roof and thermal properties that ensure your new space is warm and welcoming everyday.

Super Insulated Columns

Add insulation and orangery styling.


New modern Grey window frames modernise the design of a traditional white conservatory.


This lightweight hybrid roof combines solid grey insulation panels with glazing panels that provide light just where you need it.

French Doors

Provide easy access to the garden.

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